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Friday, May 20, 2022
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Grace United Methodist Preschool




NOW REGISTERING for the 2020 - 2021 Preschool Year.

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Now in its 36th year, Grace United Methodist Preschool is known for the value it places on each child’s development, founded on sound educational practices and Christian values. Grace United Methodist Preschool has a four star rating from the state of Virginia.

Our child/staff ratios are low, and our classrooms encourage positive relationships.  We offer varied and stimulating activities, and integrate positive behavior management techniques in our classrooms.  Our staff is trained in First Aid and CPR. The preschool supports the individual needs of the children, values parent communication and encourages smooth transitions to kindergarten.

The Christian faith is shared in natural ways throughout the day. We have a Children's Chapel twice a month for all classes. Although we do not impose our doctrinal beliefs, it is our goal to help children feel that they are loved by God. 

Preschool Curriculum
A Preschooler's brain growth is 90% complete by age 5.  There are milestones they should reach in terms of learning, speaking, acting and play. Grace Preschool recognizes how vital it is that a preschooler receives adequate stimulation and experiences at an early age.

We base our instructional program on The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, (Dodge, Colker, Heroman) and Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning. These research based curricula integrate appropriate early learning standards with more recent trends in academic content for early learners. 
Virginia's Foundation Blocks for Early Learning are comprehensive standards of learning that encompass cognitive skills, attentiveness, motivation and self-control.  The Foundation Blocks encourage meaningful and relevant learning experiences in the following subject areas:

History and Social Science
Health and Physical Development
Personal and Social Development
Visual Arts

We are attentive to the developmental stages of each child’s growth. Through purposeful observation, we plan for the individual child within the context of the whole group. By teaching in ways that match how children develop and learn, we are able to demonstrate positive outcomes. We seek to provide experiences that stimulate and encourage: 


Social & Emotional Development

Physical Development

Cognitive Development

Language Development


 Preschool Classrooms
In the environmental approach prescribed by current research and trends in Early Childhood Education, various learning activities and interest centers are available in the classroom in which a child may create and explore. Our classrooms are divided into interest areas such as:
dramatic play
toys and games
science and nature
music and movement
Children are eligible for admission to the Weekday Educational Program
without regard to gender, race, religion, color,
and national or ethnic origin.